Monday, July 24, 2006

Week Sixteen Tee Times at Harborside

This week are playing at Harborside International -- Starboard Course on Saturday, July 29th. Our tee times are as follows:

9:30 - David, Brad, Bruce, Bryan

Please let me know ASAP if you would like to play Harborside this week. We need to have all spots confirmed by Wednesday night, so the sooner the better to ensure yourself a spot.

Week Fifteen Results -- Steeplechase

Now we're talkin'! These outings are getting a bit competitive.

On what turned out to be an excellent day for golf, the top three golfers finished within three strokes of one another. Fortunately for me I built up a large enough lead to hold off a repeat of last week when I doubled away the win on the last hole. I still doubled the last hole this week with a 3-putt, but only dropped a stroke to Bryan and Brad who finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. With the help of birdies on #6 and #17 I managed to absorb a disastrous break on #14 when I bladed a wedge out of a bunker from 100 yards over the green onto a damn cart path and into the street. I took a triple bogey 8 on that hole, but held it together until my 3-putt on 18. Brad played well, but also broke down a bit after a par 5 on the aforementioned #14. He shot 5-over on the last four holes to let the victory AND 2nd place go by. That is because Bry did hold it together, winning the back nine with a nice 42, and nearly overcoming a 3 stoke deficit at the turn. Had Bry not also 3-putted the 18th, he would've walked away with at least a tie for first.

Bryan did take the Net victory with a Net 66, but even that was a challenge as Tweek came out of hiding to shoot a Net 67! After tying Bry with a Par on the 17th, Tweek gave the stroke right back on 18 with a double.

Also, congrats to Tom who is the latest "official" Beaver playing his 5th round. He scored his best on tour so far with a 101, which netted to a 73. Finally, thanks to Jackie for getting a few of us the resident rate (though I did end up paying full price -- no need to recount that tale).

Here were the results:

David: 84, net 71 (2 birdies/5 pars/30 putts/7 fairways/6 gir)
Bryan: 85, net 66 (6 pars/30 putts/5 fairways/5 gir/20% sand saves)
Tweek: 99, net 67 (4 pars/33 putts/5 fairways/4 gir)
Tom: 101, net 73 (2 pars/38 putts/6 fairways/3 gir)
Brad: 86, net 74 (6 pars/29 putts/6 fairways/4 gir/50% sand saves)
Jackie: 121, net 87 (1 par/31 putts/6 fairways)

Thanks, and see you on Saturday at Harborside.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Week Fifteen Tee Times at Steeplechase

This week we are playing at Steeplechase in Mundelein on Saturday, July 22nd. Our tee times are as follows:

12:05 - David, Brad, Tom,

12:14 - Bryan, Jackie, Tweek

We grabbed the first two times after noon so that everyone has the option to walk this course and play for just over $50. They have the stupid manditory cart rule before noon on weekends. I expect to fill these times very quickly, so please let me know right away if you would like to play on Saturday.

Week Fourteen Results -- Bolingbrook Golf Club

Saturday at "the 'Brook" was one of the most competitive rounds of the year. On a course that typically yields scores in the upper 90s and 100s, this week's foursome of myself, Brad, Greg, and Pat found relative success in the heat on Saturday. Despite our best efforts, Brad came away the victor for the third straight event shooting an 87 to win by one. The win was in my sights all the way up to our second shots on the final hole. Brad still had 220 yards in and was holding a 2-iron while I was standing in the fairway holding my P-wedge. From there the script was out the window and I collapsed with a double bogey six, while Brad scrambled for bogey and the one stroke win.

Pat had a very good round to take the Net victory with a net 66! In fact, Pat was sitting only three off the lead after the front nine with a tidy 43. Then he held it together on the inward nine, finishing four off the scrath lead.

More congrats to Greg who suffered through a terrible start and shot the best back nine with a 43 to pull within 6 of the final lead. To do this he had to regularly recover from rotten tee shots, and nearly holed out with an iron in hand on three different occasions, most notably on the Par 4 sixth which he nearly eagled from about 85 yards out, and tapped in for birdie.

Here were the results:

Brad: 87, net 75 (1 birdie/6 pars/33 putts/5 fairways/5 gir/33% sand saves)
Pat: 91, net 66 (5 pars/33 putts/7 fairways/3 gir/100% sand saves)
David: 88, net 75 (7 pars/33 putts/7 fairways/7 gir)
Greg: 93, net 77 (1 birdie/5 pars/32 putts/6 fairways/4 gir)

See you all at Steeplechase!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Week Fourteen Tee Times at Bolingbrook Golf Club

This week we are playing at Bolingbrook Golf Club on Saturday, July 15th. Our tee times are as follows:

9:10 - Brad, David, Greg, Pat

Plenty of spots open right now...please let me know ASAP if you would like to play. This is an expensive course, but the cost includes the cart, and they feature perhaps the best GPS available, and they treat us like kings and queens. Nice touches include free range balls, free fruit and lemonade at the first tee, and a bottle of water for each golfer in the on cart coolers. Oh, the course is really nice too!

Week Thirteen Results -- Makray Memorial

There are at least two things that anyone would say about Makray Memorial...1. nice course in great condition and worth the very average cost for upscale golf in Chicago, and 2. you had better keep the ball on fairways and greens!

Once again, the winning player led the group in green in regulation. Brad's 86 led the field by three...and he did it from only four fairways, and with an up-and-down putter. What this course lacks in sand, it more than makes up for in rough with some of the thickest grass we play on tour. Kim fell one net stroke behind Brad to take 2nd place in the Net competition with her net 75, including a nice par 4 on the 16th. Good to see Andy back on tour for the first time since Orchard Valley on 8/20/05...and he managed a 2nd place finish with an 89. I led once again in putting and fairways, but it landed me nothing but a third place 92...six strokes off the lead. Bryan had it together on the front finishing the ninth in a tie for 2nd with Andy, only two strokes back, but fought a 51 on the back to drop into 4th place.

By the way...we did make a last minute switch away from our planned date at White Deer Run due to WDR changing their rate to $89 all day, AND NOT ALLOWING WALKING UNTIL 3 PM!!! Stupid, stupid rule!

Here were the results:

Brad: 86, net 74 (6 pars/35 putts/3 fairways/8 gir)
Kim: 117, net 75 (1 par/37 putts/4 fairways/1 gir)
Bryan: 96, net 77 (5 pars/36 putts/4 fairways/5 gir)
Andy: 89, net 78 (4 pars/38 putts/4 fairways/5 gir/100% sand saves)
David: 92, net 79 (4 pars/34 putts/6 fairways/4 gir)
Tom: 115, net n/a (2 pars/41 putts/2 fairways/2 gir)
Jackie: 130, net 95 (42 putts/4 fairways)

See you all on Saturday at Bolingbrook Golf Club!!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Week Thirteen Tee Times at Makray Memorial

This week we are playing at Makray Memorial in Barrington on Saturday, July 8th. Our tee times are as follows:

12:20 - Kim, Jackie, Andy

12:30 - Brad, Bryan, David, Tom

Obviously, one spot open for this stop in the northern burbs. Let me know if you will be joining us ASAP.

Week Twelve Results -- Cantigny

Our Independence Day Open at Cantigny continued this past Saturday. Four tradition-honoring players hit the famed links at Cantigny to try their hand at the tough Lakeside/Hillside layout. Brad was able to secure his third victory of the season (and his first sub-90 victory this year) with an up-and-down 89. Jim Struck had a couple of firsts...a Net victory without a par, and to the best of my knowledge, a record 14 bogeys to finish with a 95, net 72. Despite my poor overall day, I did have the only birdie (on the Par 4 12th) and led the foursome in putting and GIR. Tom's only par of the day came with a sand save which means that half of his pars on tour have now come out of the sand...maybe you shouldn't be aiming at fairways and greens, Tom. Our winner, Brad, also had 2 sand saves, but was in the sand on 6 holes, thus the lower pct.

Here were the results:

Brad: 89, net 77 (6 pars/31 putts/6 fairways/3 gir/33% sand saves)
Jim: 95, net 72 (35 putts/6 fairways/1 gir)
David: 94, net 82 (1 birdie/4 pars/30 putts/3 fairways/4 gir)
Tom: 105 (1 par/35 putts/6 fairways/100% sand saves)

Thanks, and see you all on Saturday at White Deer Run!


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