Sunday, July 09, 2006

Week Thirteen Results -- Makray Memorial

There are at least two things that anyone would say about Makray Memorial...1. nice course in great condition and worth the very average cost for upscale golf in Chicago, and 2. you had better keep the ball on fairways and greens!

Once again, the winning player led the group in green in regulation. Brad's 86 led the field by three...and he did it from only four fairways, and with an up-and-down putter. What this course lacks in sand, it more than makes up for in rough with some of the thickest grass we play on tour. Kim fell one net stroke behind Brad to take 2nd place in the Net competition with her net 75, including a nice par 4 on the 16th. Good to see Andy back on tour for the first time since Orchard Valley on 8/20/05...and he managed a 2nd place finish with an 89. I led once again in putting and fairways, but it landed me nothing but a third place 92...six strokes off the lead. Bryan had it together on the front finishing the ninth in a tie for 2nd with Andy, only two strokes back, but fought a 51 on the back to drop into 4th place.

By the way...we did make a last minute switch away from our planned date at White Deer Run due to WDR changing their rate to $89 all day, AND NOT ALLOWING WALKING UNTIL 3 PM!!! Stupid, stupid rule!

Here were the results:

Brad: 86, net 74 (6 pars/35 putts/3 fairways/8 gir)
Kim: 117, net 75 (1 par/37 putts/4 fairways/1 gir)
Bryan: 96, net 77 (5 pars/36 putts/4 fairways/5 gir)
Andy: 89, net 78 (4 pars/38 putts/4 fairways/5 gir/100% sand saves)
David: 92, net 79 (4 pars/34 putts/6 fairways/4 gir)
Tom: 115, net n/a (2 pars/41 putts/2 fairways/2 gir)
Jackie: 130, net 95 (42 putts/4 fairways)

See you all on Saturday at Bolingbrook Golf Club!!!

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