Monday, July 24, 2006

Week Fifteen Results -- Steeplechase

Now we're talkin'! These outings are getting a bit competitive.

On what turned out to be an excellent day for golf, the top three golfers finished within three strokes of one another. Fortunately for me I built up a large enough lead to hold off a repeat of last week when I doubled away the win on the last hole. I still doubled the last hole this week with a 3-putt, but only dropped a stroke to Bryan and Brad who finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. With the help of birdies on #6 and #17 I managed to absorb a disastrous break on #14 when I bladed a wedge out of a bunker from 100 yards over the green onto a damn cart path and into the street. I took a triple bogey 8 on that hole, but held it together until my 3-putt on 18. Brad played well, but also broke down a bit after a par 5 on the aforementioned #14. He shot 5-over on the last four holes to let the victory AND 2nd place go by. That is because Bry did hold it together, winning the back nine with a nice 42, and nearly overcoming a 3 stoke deficit at the turn. Had Bry not also 3-putted the 18th, he would've walked away with at least a tie for first.

Bryan did take the Net victory with a Net 66, but even that was a challenge as Tweek came out of hiding to shoot a Net 67! After tying Bry with a Par on the 17th, Tweek gave the stroke right back on 18 with a double.

Also, congrats to Tom who is the latest "official" Beaver playing his 5th round. He scored his best on tour so far with a 101, which netted to a 73. Finally, thanks to Jackie for getting a few of us the resident rate (though I did end up paying full price -- no need to recount that tale).

Here were the results:

David: 84, net 71 (2 birdies/5 pars/30 putts/7 fairways/6 gir)
Bryan: 85, net 66 (6 pars/30 putts/5 fairways/5 gir/20% sand saves)
Tweek: 99, net 67 (4 pars/33 putts/5 fairways/4 gir)
Tom: 101, net 73 (2 pars/38 putts/6 fairways/3 gir)
Brad: 86, net 74 (6 pars/29 putts/6 fairways/4 gir/50% sand saves)
Jackie: 121, net 87 (1 par/31 putts/6 fairways)

Thanks, and see you on Saturday at Harborside.

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