Monday, June 26, 2006

Week Twelve Tee Times at Cantigny

This week we are playing at Cantigny Golf Club in Wheaton on Saturday, July 1st.

For those of you who are not aware, Saturday is Canada Day which celebrates the creation of the original dominion of Canada, uniting the British territories of the Province of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick into a federation. So, c'mon out Canadians, and display the Maple Leaf proudly...while the rest of us beat you at the grand old game, eh?

Our tee times are as follows:

8:50 - David, Brad, Jim, Tom

Unless someone gets me a foursome by Noon on Friday...we are all full up.

Week Eleven Results -- Orchard Valley

Orchard Valley has always been a tour favorite, and this past Sunday, it did not disappoint. You would be hard pressed to try to find a better value not only in Chicagoland, but anywhere. For under $60, the course conditions are nearly flawless, and while challenging with all that water, it is very fair, and rewards good smart shots.

So, how'd it go? Well, we had our first tie ever on tour with myself and Bryan each shooting 86. Bry ran away with the Net victory with a 2006 Tour best Net 65. This was the first time since week four that nobody had a birdie. It seems as though the guys had the better day, all shooting right around their tour averages, while the women had it a bit tougher, especially on the greens. Big congrats to Kerry for her first ever par on tour...and she almost birdied it with a good 10-foot putt on #12.

Here were the results:

Bryan: 86, net 65 (8 pars/28 putts/4 fairways/3 gir/100% sand saves)
David: 86, net 75 (8 pars/33 putts/8 fairways/5 gir)
Jim: 96, net 74 (3 pars/33 putts/5 fairways/1 gir)
Tom: 103, net n/a (2 pars/33 putts/6 fairways/3 gir)
Kim: 126, net 83 (42 putts/5 fairways/2 gir)
Kerry: 146, net 100 (1 par/41 putts/8 fairways/1 gir)

Thanks, and see you all on Saturday for our first round at Cantigny!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Week Eleven Tee Times at Orchard Valley

This week we are playing at Orchard Valley Golf Course in Aurora on SUNDAY, June 25th. Our tee times are as follows:

10:40 - David, Kerry, Kim

11:00 - Jim S., Tom F., Bryan

We are looking for four more golfers for this SUNDAY. Please let me know if you would like to play.

Week Ten Results -- Pine Meadow

This past Saturday, seven players made it out to the punishing Pine Meadow course in Mundelein. It was hot and odd combination...and one that sapped the energy of anyone walking the course. There were some very impressive shots hit, and some nice rounds played, though the back nine took its toll on a few.

I basically held it together the best, and walked away with my third victory of the year, bringing some respectability to the winning score with an 83, the lowest tour round of this season. Jackie played an outstanding round and carded a 105 which gave her the net victory with 69. As for the rest, this was the first time all season that nobody shot higher than a net 78, so pretty good play all around, though I think Bruce might argue with that.

Good to see the tour return of Pat Flanagan who shot a 99, net 73 on his first tour round since Blackwolf Run in May 2005. Also, it was nice to have another tour newbie, Mike Morse, join us for the day. Hopefully Mike will find his way back to the tour after losing 11 golf balls on isn't always that expensive to play with this group, Mike. Finally, kudos to Bry for holding it together and finishing strong after giving up the lead in this round with a disappointing 10 and 9 on holes 13 and 14. Bry was looking at a career best round without those holes as he shot a tidy 75 on the other 16.

Shots of the day were a chip in birdie for Pat on #6, a 60-foot bridie putt for Bry on #5, and my 230 yard 3-iron over the lake on #3 to 10 feet, then holing the putt for par after hitting my tee shot in the drink.

Here were the results:

David: 83, net 73 (1 birdie/6 pars/32 putts/4 fairways/5 gir/33% sand saves)
Jackie: 105, net 69 (2 pars/35 putts/4 fairways/1 gir)
Bryan: 94, net 73 (1 birdie/6 pars/38 putts/2 fairways/8 gir)
Pat: 99, net 73 (1 birdie/3 pars/41 putts/5 fairways/5 gir)
Kim: 116, net 74 (1 par/45 putts/5 fairways/2 gir)
Bruce: 90, net 78 (6 pars/35 putts/7 fairways/7 gir)
Mike: 110, net n/a (4 pars/37 putts/3 fairways/4 gir)

Thanks, and see you on SUNDAY!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Week Ten Tee Times at Pine Meadow

This week we are playing at Pine Meadow Golf Course in Mundelein on June 17th. Our tee times are as follows:

12:09 - David, Mike, Bruce
12:19 - Kim, Jackie, Bryan, Pat

One spot still open...please let me know ASAP if you are in.

Week Nine Results -- Steeple Chase

This week's event was cancelled simply due to the irrational fear of bad weather in the area...At least six of this week's players ended up playing somewhere on Saturday...shame on me.

Looking forward to next week.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Week Nine Tee Times at Steeple Chase

This week we are playing at Steeple Chase Golf Club on Saturday, June 10th. Our tee times are as follows:

9:15 - Bryan, Kim, Jackie, Andy
9:24 - David, Mike, Tom, Jim S.

That fills us up this week. If four more want to play, it may be tough to get a nearby tee time at this point, but I will make a call if anyone wants to try.

Week Eight Results -- Makray Memorial

Makray Memorial is a tough course. There, I said it, and it's true. Not that it can't be played...plenty of birdie opportunities, if you can keep it in the fairway. That rough is dangerous, and they grow it up wherever they can. That said, Brad was able to hold it together somewhat better than the rest to take his second scratch victory in three weeks with an up and down (or rather, down and up) 93.

Zip came out for his second event of the year. Between smokes, he managed to birdie the fourth hole of the day, and was in the mix for the victory until falling apart a bit on the back nine. I was able to virtually drive the Par 4 8th using a short chip and putt to get my only birdie of the day...unfortunately, I only had 1 par as well. Kim shot a real nice back nine to secure her 3rd net win with a net 73...again featuring only 32 putts.

Here were the results:

Brad: 93, net 80 (6 pars/31 putts/5 fairways/3 gir)
Kim: 116, net 73 (2 pars/32 putts/4 fairways/1 gir)
Bryan: 95, net 74 (3 pars/37 putts/5 fairways/5 gir)
Zip: 107, net 78 (1 birdie/1 par/35 putts/4 fairways/2 gir)
David: 95, net 84 (1 birdie/1 par/35 putts/3 fairways/3 gir/50% sand saves)
Jackie: 125, net 87 (43 putts/2 fairways/3 gir)

Thanks, and see you at Steeplechase on Saturday!


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