Sunday, August 06, 2006

Week Sixteen Results -- Harborside

WOW, not a good week.

Even our winner, Bruce would suggest that he didn't bring his A-game to Harborside this week. Shot of the day had to go to Bruce with his 200+ yard Baffler from the fairway bunker on #9 onto the green to set up an amazing birdie. That shot actually turned out to be the turning point that allowed Bruce to knock off Brad who had been leading almost all day long. Bry and I fought badly for the title of 2nd flight winner. I managed the one stroke "victory" for 3rd, though if you peek at the Net score, you will see how bad I actually did play.

Here were the results:

Bruce: 87, net 75 (1 birdie/8 pars/36 putts/8 fairways/9 gir/67% sand saves)
Brad: 88, net 77 (1 birdie/5 pars/33 putts/4 fairways/5 gir/50% sand saves)
Bryan: 101, net 84 (1 birdie/3 pars/30 putts/4 fairways/3 gir)
David: 100, net 88 (4 pars/32 putts/5 fairways/3 gir/33% sand saves)

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