Monday, August 14, 2006

Week Eighteen Results -- Oak Grove

Another course and golfer made their debuts on the SBGT this past Saturday on an absolutely perfect day for golf.

Oak Grove is a very nice course, and can be a bit mean as well. It is nice to play through the hills of Northern Illinois...something we don't get to do much here in Chicago. The greens were very fast and rolled smooth. The fairways were in excellent condition. So, how was it mean you ask...wetlands, wetlands, wetlands. There were places to lose a ball on almost every hole, especially on the Back nine. Still, for only $55 a bargain for sure. It will not likely return to the tour however as all six golfers drove almost two hours for the pleasure.

I managed the win by only taking one penalty shot on my second swing of the day. Brad held the lead for most of the round until he took a triple bogey on the 16th hole after blowing a great drive on the previous hole and allowing me to tie. I held on despite Brad's nice birdie on the final hole. My 88 was lowlighted by terrible putting as the quick breaking greens had me stymied all day long. In the second group, Kim was able to overcome her frustration to win the Net with a net 72. Welcome as well to Angelique who debted with a consistent 124 on the most difficult women's course the tour has ever played.

Here were the results:

David: 88, net 74 (1 birdie/4 pars/38 putts/6 fairways/6 gir/67% sand saves)
Kim: 115, net 72 (1 par/39 putts/4 fairways/2 gir)
Tweek: 105, net 74 (3 pars/34 putts/5 fairways/3 gir/100% sand saves)
Brad: 89, net 76 (1 birdie/4 pars/31 putts/5 fairways/4 gir)
Bryan: 96, net 79 (1 birdie/2 pars/39 putts/2 fairways/5 gir)
Angelique: 124, net n/a (1 par/46 putts/1 fairway/3 gir)

See you all on Saturday at the return to Mistwood!

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