Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Week Eight Results -- Makray Memorial

Makray Memorial is a tough course. There, I said it, and it's true. Not that it can't be played...plenty of birdie opportunities, if you can keep it in the fairway. That rough is dangerous, and they grow it up wherever they can. That said, Brad was able to hold it together somewhat better than the rest to take his second scratch victory in three weeks with an up and down (or rather, down and up) 93.

Zip came out for his second event of the year. Between smokes, he managed to birdie the fourth hole of the day, and was in the mix for the victory until falling apart a bit on the back nine. I was able to virtually drive the Par 4 8th using a short chip and putt to get my only birdie of the day...unfortunately, I only had 1 par as well. Kim shot a real nice back nine to secure her 3rd net win with a net 73...again featuring only 32 putts.

Here were the results:

Brad: 93, net 80 (6 pars/31 putts/5 fairways/3 gir)
Kim: 116, net 73 (2 pars/32 putts/4 fairways/1 gir)
Bryan: 95, net 74 (3 pars/37 putts/5 fairways/5 gir)
Zip: 107, net 78 (1 birdie/1 par/35 putts/4 fairways/2 gir)
David: 95, net 84 (1 birdie/1 par/35 putts/3 fairways/3 gir/50% sand saves)
Jackie: 125, net 87 (43 putts/2 fairways/3 gir)

Thanks, and see you at Steeplechase on Saturday!

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