Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Get Your Sligo - On Sale now!

Though I have never been one to shy away from wearing a brightly colored shirt, my style on the course has, for years been one involving a khaki-colored pair of shorts which grew longer and baggier over the years with a solid colored polo which gradually moved from 100% cotton to today's more technical synthetic fabrics. On occasion, I might have strayed into a muted plaid short or a shirt with some color accents around the shoulders or down the sides, but aside from the spectrum of solid colors I might wear, my wardrobe was somewhat vanilla.

With the advent of the BeaverGolf.com store, I suddenly had a fashion fog lifted, and became aware of a wide variety of fresh fashion brands each of whom claim to want to bring more fun to the game through the use of newer, flashier design to go with the most modern advancements in fabric technology. I was so impressed by a handful of these brands, that I made the decision to feature them on BeaverGolf.com, in some cases despite their relative anonymity in the golf industry.

One of these brands stood out from the rest at the first PGA Merchandise show I attended, and it was Sligo. Founded in 2004 by a group of four golfing chums in Canada, Sligo set forth to create high quality golf apparel that combined the most cutting edge materials with "ahead-of-the-curve" trend setting style. As they set about doing that, Sligo was approached about four years ago by PGA Tour Pro Brian Gay to sign on the wear the Sligo brand on tour. The pairing was perfect, and Brian went on to win three times in 2008-2009 wearing Sligo at each event.

The Sligo Fall 2011 Collection was one of their best yet in my opinion, and featured in it one of my favorite shirts ever, the O'Brien. Available in nine bold colors, the O'Brien pops with a pattern of contrasting colored diamonds draped from the front to the back of the shirt over the left shoulder. The fabric features the Sligo Mag Cool treatment which creates the moisture wicking and quick drying material you have come to expect, but also has anti-microbial properties to keep it smelling fresher for longer. The O'Brien is shown here in the attention-grabbing Sligo Green color. Right now, the O'Brien is available for less than $50.00, a savings of almost 30% at BeaverGolf.com. While there, be sure to browse the Tommy Polo and the Gator Polo as well.

Sligo doesn't limit their creative juices to their shirts, though. In fact, I don't know if I have ever been drawn to an original design in pants such as displayed in the Sligo Digitile Pants and Digitile Shorts. These groundbreaking pants feature an original Sligo design inspired by 14th Century Moroccan tile, and the Sligo interpretation looks stunning. Pair these bad boys with a solid colored shirt for a look that will draw the gaze of onlookers, and might even gather a small gallery around your foursome! The polyester/lycra blend provides lightweight moisture-wicking performance with some stretch for comfort. The flat front and straight cut provide an athletic, yet upscale look to your wardrobe. Both the long pants and the shorts are more than 20% off now at BeaverGolf.com. Also, check out the Plaid Performance Pants, Plaid Performance Shorts, and Solid White Performance Pants also on sale now!

To complement your Sligo outfits, we also offer several Sligo hats on sale now, including the Sligo Tour Cap, Sligo Cadet (Painter or Military style) Hat, Sligo Adjustable Visor, and Sligo Toque Beanie. The most original in the hat designs, however, is the Sligo Reversible Rain Bucket Hat. OK, so maybe bucket hats are traditionally reserved for the older crowd and Jeff Triplett, but I believe that we are about to see a trend here. The bucket hat not only keeps the rain off your head and from dripping down your ears and neck, but it also offers better protection against the sun, one of the golfer's worst enemies. Sligo's interpretation offers style with a choice as well, bringing their Digitile design to one side while the other features the Sligo logo across a solid black hat. This is a bucket hat you can be proud to wear during any round.

So, 2012 is a new year, and high time you do like me, and update your golf wardrobe with some fashion forward styles that show that you care enough to look your best...and HAVE SOME FUN! Take advantage of these great deals on Sligo while supplies last. Most colors and sizes have no more than 1 left, so shop early and often to get the ones you like the most.

Fairways and Greens!

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Theeguysgolflblog.com said...

had the opportunity to meet with these guys (and Brian Gay) and the PGA show. Huge fan of their gear plus they were super nice. Hoping to get our hands on some of this stuff soon for a better look.


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