Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beaver Golf is now selling Piranha!

I have mentioned several times that back in January, I and my ad hoc sidekick, Brad, attended the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL. The show is the granddaddy of all golf shows with oodles of vendors showing many thousands of their wares, everything from razzle-dazzle golf carts to virtual golfing simulators to custom tees and training aids that would make your head spin. We were exactly like kids in a candy shop...overwhelmed but very excited!

While there were lots of cool things at the show, some of which I have mentioned previously, one booth in particular really stood out with both Brad and I. The booth of which I speak was Piranha Golf's, manned by their charming and loquacious Chairman, Antonio Gelonesi. I will spare Antonio another biography detailing all the wonders of his life, but suffice it to say, the man knows golf, and is an unbelievably successful businessman. His manner was welcoming, and he oozed passion, pride, and excitement about his Piranha Golf products. Here is an ad they ran last year that sort of captures their spirit.

Founded in 1997, Piranha Golf has been around for a few years, but is still relatively unknown here in the States. My personal prediction is that won't last very long. The Piranha products are amazing! Their aesthetic is more than appealing, their form and function solid, and their logo and branding is downright cool - almost as cool as The Beaver! Personally, the V-Blade Irons are the cream of the crop, but I'll leave it to you to decide which of the Piranha collection you like the best. These are serious clubs designed with both improving your game, and the environment in mind.

Yes, I said the environment! Here is their environmental policy straight from their mouths:

Piranha Golf takes enormous pride in its environmental and sustainable practices.

Our Carbon Footprint:

Significant levels of energy are used when forging club heads in our factory and we have determined the amount  of that energy as well as the relative energy used and the carbon emissions created during transportation and assembly. As a consequence, Piranha Golf has purchased "off-setting contracts" to "zero out" our carbon footprint and we can accordingly offer our clients zero carbon clubs.

In addition, by using an “air blow” process to install our grips, rather then traditional methods, Piranha Golf limits the use of processing chemicals and this is a manufacturing process that we strongly advocate and encourage others to adopt. If we do need to use any acetone, we have developed a lemon acetone variant of equal efficiency but which has significant environmental benefits for both our staff and the planet.  Piranha Golf will happily provide this lemon acetone to all club makers “at cost” to promote  better practices and to demonstrate our willingness to meaningfully assist in achieving a cleaner environment.

What do you think of that? I think it's admirable, and well worth giving these guys your consideration if you are in the market for some new golf equipment, and really, who isn't?

So, check out the latest addition to the Beaver Golf family of products now at Piranha. Be the first in your foursome or club to put these works of art into play!

Fairways and Greens!

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