Sunday, April 05, 2009

Will this be the year?

Though it could be the first year in my memory that all five of the major professional sports franchises here in Chicago make the playoffs, I am actually talking about golf. More precisely, will 2009 be the year in which I finally play a round of golf at even par or better? Only time will tell.

One thing standing in my way is the weather here in Chi-town. It is already April and I have only played three rounds of golf so far! Another thing standing in my way (or could possibly help me) is my consistent inconsistency. In three rounds this year I have shot 77, 95, and 87...but I have had 2 birdies in each round. By best round ever was a 74 back in 2005 (I think), and I have a couple of 76 rounds in there as well, but even par is elusive, and as anyone who plays this game with any regularity can tell you, it only takes one bad hole to ruin a round.

Anyway, it had been more than a year since I posted to this blog, and since late 2006 since my Beaver Tour gathered, so I wanted to get the conversation going with a post.

Let me know what your goals for 2009 are, and please become a follower of this blog, and contribute regularly...perhaps we can make the tour bigger and better than ever!


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