Monday, May 29, 2006

Week Seven Results -- Whistling Straits - Irish Course


Top O' the mornin' to you and all that. Yes, it looked as though we were in Ireland on Saturday, even down to the sheep on the course. The luck of the Irish was there for a couple players, but for others, it was a tough day on a great course.

Aside from the cart paths and the hidden green on the Par 3 13th (aptly named Blind Man's Bluff), this is one of the coolest courses in the doubt about it. I think it often gets overlooked due to its more famous neighbor, the Straits Course.

Art Lange survived it best in his second SBGT start, but first finish. His 85 led the 10 players who joined this week. Art did it with consistent play with 7 fairways, 8 GIR, and 8 pars and two-putting seventeen holes. Art nipped Bruce by 2 strokes for the win holding him off as Bruce shot 2 over par on holes 6-12 after a difficult start. Bruce did manage to win the Net Score with his 74 as Art, Karen, and Kory have yet to establish a handicap. Another tour newcomer, Kory Deavers finished in 3rd place with an 88.

Another Lange, this time Karen, won the women's portion of the draw with an impressive 98 which was highlighted by 10 fairways. I wonder if the Lange's are from Ireland the way they played out there.

Here were the results:
1. Art - 85, net n/a (8 pars/37 putts/7 fairways/8 gir/50% sand saves)
2. Bruce - 87, net 74 (1 birdie/5 pars/36 putts/5 fairways/8 gir/17% sand saves)
3. Kory - 88, net n/a (1 birdie/8 pars/36 putts/8 fairways/8 gir/67% sand saves)
4. Tweek - 109, net 75 (3 pars/29 putts/5 fairways/1 gir)
5. Karen - 98, net n/a (1 biride/3 pars/35 putts/10 fairways/3 gir)
6. Bryan - 101, net 79 (2 pars/39 putts/4 fairways/4 gir)
7. Brad - 95, net 82 (4 pars/33 putts/3 fairways/3 gir)
8. Jackie - 120, net 82 (39 putts/7 fairways/1 gir)
9. Kim - 125, net 83 (32 putts/8 fairways)
10. David - 95, net 84 (1 birdie/3 pars/36 putts/3 fairways/5 gir)

Thanks, and see you at Makray on Saturday!

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